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Refineries Krishnapatnam Port is fast emerging as a recognized hub for edible oil refineries with optimal blend of port infrastructural facilities and Greenfield opportunities. The efficiency and operational dynamism of the largest upcoming port of India is a clear advantage, making it the perfect destination for port based industries.
Major edible oil refineries have realized this business potential and are already operational around Krishnapatnam Port while others are under development. Till date 6 edible oil refinery plants have started operations around Krishnapatnam Port, with many more under consideration:

Sr. No. Edible Oil Refineries Capacity in TPD
1 South India Edible Oils
2 Emami Foods
3 Adani Wilmar
4 Saraiwaala Agri Refineries
5 Gemini Oils
6 Foods, Fats & Fertilisers

Krishnapatnam Port successfully completed one million ton discharge of Edible oils through single pipe line in
FY 2012-13. This achievement stands out in the history of any port in India. KPCL commenced the pipeline operations on October 10, 2010 and till date there has been zero complaints

Port Infrastructure for Edible Oil - Business

Port presently has a 16 inches pipeline facility directly from berth to the refineries and is developing a second pipeline
Length of the pipeline is 6.5 km

Provision for 4-Pipeline infrastructure to meet future requirements

Advantages for Edible Refineries @ Krishnapatnam Port

Strategic location - covering Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Major consumption centers like Hyderabad (490 km), Bengaluru (380 km) and Chennai (180 km) can be serviced from the port
Large tracts of clean land available for setting up Integrated Plants
End-to-end services with zero cargo losses

High discharge rates of up to 600 TPH because of 16 inch pipeline


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